Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Plan For Shopping Trip

Shopping is an art and especially gratifying when you buy the best deal.

When buying, think about the future of the blue box. Whenever possible, leave the package in the store, such as shoe stores. Buying in bulk at stores so you can only get the amount you want and not have the packaging, such as cereals. Invest in some large plastic containers and fill them with grain, rice, cake mixes, muffin mixes and baking supplies, etc. that are purchased in bulk in the barn.

How to plan a shopping trip

Keep a pen and a handy list in the kitchen, and every time you see something short, make sure you mark down on your list. This list is the beginning of the plan you purchase.

Decide how often you shop. If you are far from shops and gas prices go higher and higher, you might want to think long-range purchasing less frequently, but in the beginning, I think every week would be a good start. So this is, get all the distances, and if something is omitted, it is not until next week.

Always, and I can not stress this enough, please check the store sales flyers or a website and take the bag with you.

Check the closets of the databases, you do not want to run out of general points, such as salt, oil, margarine, etc.

Receive recipes and meal ideas and a calendar in black and fill the week with meals.

Remember that you are busy and need simple meals or meals slow cooker. And the holidays, so you can have fun in a family meal or favorite easy in those days. Things like macaroni or burgers or whatever you want

Plan your list of meals. Think of the meal and make sure you have everything you need to cook them. Also decide to cooking or desserts you make.

Write a list of items for lunch a week. There must be a planned menu.

Fix breakfast with easy and nutritious oatmeal, dry cereal, eggs or pancakes. Stay away from buying expensive luxury items breakfast goods and keep enough on hand. Many cereal box is very expensive, sugar and low in nutrition.

Make your shopping list by store you shop, no frills, Bulk Barn, Shoppers Drug Mart, Wal-Mart, etc.

Clean the refrigerator to make room for new items and plan a quick meal when you get home.

Once you have provided in your closet you only buy items on sale, in particular, just things that you need.

Never buy on impulse. If you have children who want things, when you shop, leave them at home until the routine is established commercial law.

Once you have all the items in your shopping list, do a sweep of the store to make sure you do not miss something that is on sale that is used all the time.

Always take advantage of store sales, but only if it is something we use all the time.

Linda is a piano teacher retired in Toronto married to the Chief Superintendent of Works to the retirement of the water supply for Toronto.

He is interested in all environmental issues, budgeting, home, frugal living and shopping, recycling, reduce, reuse, and green all over. Currently, he works in a project with her friend / partner, how to make life easier.

Linda has a golden retriever dog named Rusty and a cat named Dusty. It is also involved in Therapeutic Paws of Canada and Rusty will be a regular visitor to a nursing home nearby. When she has free time, she enjoys playing the piano duo with her partner and also her husband.


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