Monday, June 20, 2011

Need A Key For The Smart Shopper? Start Online!

Remember that your shopping experience and the latest list of pitfalls of shopping, you have caught. Compare with the standard list of purchases of the common mistakes, consumers tend to do:

a) forget your shopping list or shopping list, go home

b) not sure which are the elements that you are running short

c) Drawn by the sight of all screens "New" and the other in the store

d) tickled by the idea of ​​smart save with a "big sale" and other similar legends

e) Rejected in one of the "necessaries"

f) The "impulse disorder"

g) the child's progress throughout the store that you did, and bought a pile of unwanted stuff. Of course, you could not say anything to him!

h) Have you lost track of your purchasing budget that exceeds the limits!

i) The syndrome comparison shopping: Customers give you advice on what you might need

j) Not so knowledgeable shop assistants! Web could have been better than that

k) Long queues and queues at the bar counter. Time Out!

l) packed parking lots at the mall. And that extra effort, gas bills and swelling.

Honestly, if you had committed, even 3-4 of 12 common mistakes buying, it's time you should look to the Internet to the rescue. It seems that you are not working, your indulgence, the more you fly out of the much-needed cash on hand? Or, you shock with inflated credit card bills at the end of each month. More often than not, shopping trips culminate in a nightmare, with no organized and unorganized enjoyment by the end of shopping. "Online shopping" on the other is when you still have a shopping environment controlled and as such, relatively little chance to splurge and regret later. However, the disadvantages that come with are just as crucial for buyers. For example: insecurity of online payments, the concerns of home delivery, mishandling things chargers, late delivery, loss of shipment, the differences seen in the article appears online and in shipping, receiving, and more.

Well, that balance your purchases offline with a little programming online? This means you can still avoid a lot of differences, fear and trading errors by combining a couple of web elements (or say tools) to your business. Make your shopping more planned, organized, less cluttered and more fun. That's how you could do:

1) Prepare a list of items you need to buy. I always knew I had! But this time I want you to do it on the web. Go online, open a Word document or spreadsheet, and quickly from the list of items. Print and bring them forward. Follow exactly the requirements you listed out.

2) Online shop with gadgets and cars. This means that you can directly connect to your favorite stores, or as TraderJoe or any other store, you feel like the grocery store and other businesses related. And just create shopping lists online. Print them and bring it with you everywhere.

3) Test 2.0 Shopping! If you do not have preferences and want to shop in stores in a combination of stored online or offline use of web applications and tools of trade as a "shopping list" to or Froogle to These web-based shopping lists can be created, managed, maintained, and even use the network. This is the biggest advantage, if you had been ignoring their own shopping list at home. You can access and use at any time, and also on your mobile phone.

4) Create a shopping list does not always mean simply everything you need to scribble. This is anyway what your brain can store, process and remember. Could still be dragging things as quantities, brands and stores, where you need to get an item. Use commercial tools such as Froogle shopping lists and to create a shopping list with items organized, job descriptions, shopping, the quantities of grades and details to be captured.

5) Smart shopping is still shopping faster and more organized, but also to save all the dollars you. That's right! I was getting coupons, you can always redeem the items that are shopping in stores. After all, why pay more when you know you could save coupons. Just make sure to watch out for coupons in your previous purchases, and that the newspapers and bring them along when they go shopping. There are still many people who forget to take them, or completely lose by using it, standing on desks and taxes. The solution is to store all your vouchers, shopping bag, no matter when you put your hands together. Make it a ritual, and should always be done. So the next time you go shopping, there is no need to forget, at least on their home. And to remember coupon when paying bills, simply add a list of vouchers or coupons for online shopping list.

This means that, for example "coupons" with the items you have available. And keep an eye on their "shopping list" that the payment of the invoice. This way, you will definitely use your coupons and save a few dollars. Web applications, such as "ShoppingList 'Infodoro to stores and even online shopping, have a coupon section in your tool shopping list of online shopping carts.

6) to prioritize the items as "most necessary" to quickly get a list of items needed immediately. Again, the web and a few commercial desktop application allows you to filter shopping lists "need" for items such as coupons. Use these web applications and you will notice changes in your overall buying behavior In addition to buying and spending patterns.

7) Make Shopping List sorted by category and specialty shops. To make your shopping experience easier to handle rope, you can always look to stay focused. You can share your list of topics and share some of your tasks shopping with your family, your children or spouse. Web applications can sort your shopping list and the separation of elements by stores and categories in ascending or descending order. Use of the Internet, you may return half of your shopping list for your spouse to allow him to get things in a store near her workplace, and you can take care of the second half with shops, on your way home. This saves time and not have to deal with parking problems in each store you stop at. You can also sort your lists by categories and decide what you are good and what could be taken care of your children or partner.

Suppose you can be quick and decisive at the grocery store while someone in your family can do well on a good shopping CETRA. Divide your list by category and share some of your tasks with the other stores will also save you time, gas, effort and struggle with store personnel not so favorable.

By integrating a low use of the Web to plan their shopping tasks, can save much time, effort, gas and mistakes as they continue to repeat forever. What is wrong if you could maximize your own time, in line with a little planning? Using the Internet to your advantage, whether in tasks such as shopping or planning shopping! And next time you meet a client confused, do not forget to offer tips and tricks that can make the smartest, too.

"Enjoy Shopping with the Smart 2, 0 Shopping, set!"

Smita S. is passionate about Web 2.0 and the shopping freak! As a web marketer, which Infodoro (Social Network), explores the opportunities to make better web personal information more secure, better managed and value. If you want a user who goes shopping in a more manageable and fun, try your hands Infodoro 'shopping list', free web 2.0 tool shop. "Create, manage, and lists of social spending, on-line"


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